About Us

Alternative Path is a start-up that provides Technology, Business Intelligence, and Finance services.

We help small to medium sized enterprises establish their presence in India in the technology and finance space.

Our decades of experience in setting up of Centers of Excellence (COE) and smaller teams have helped Organizations harness the full potential of skilled and diverse talent in India.

Our implementation teams have delivered numerous projects across Technology functions such as Software Quality Assurance, Application Development, Technology Infrastructure, Application Support, and Data Management and Analysis and Finance functions such as Fund Accounting, Management Reporting, Investor Reporting, Reconciliation, Treasury Workflow and Deal Management, and Record to Report processes.

As our name, Alternative Path, suggests we were formed to take a different approach, which is rooted deep in a Quality driven delivery process that is missing in typical service engagements large or small.

Our Team

Vikrant Ludhra

Vikrant Ludhra

Vikrant is the co-founder and CEO of Alternative Path, a technology and business consulting startup. His areas of expertise include setting up operations in India, driving the company’s India growth strategy and its implementation, working capital management, business development and client relations.

In his past role, he served as the Delivery Head at ThoughtFocus, where he was instrumental in setting up the Center of Excellence for the largest alternative asset management firm in the world. As Unit CEO, he was responsible for scaling the operations from 6 to more than 400 professionals across the Technology and Business Operations functions. While there, he was in charge of the day to day operations of the Center and managed project delivery and client relations. He acted as a liaison with various technical and business groups on key initiatives like project management, staffing, and other team deliverables.

Before joining ThoughtFocus in 2012, he served as the Global Director of Software Quality Assurance and Technology at S&P Capital IQ where he led a large Software Quality Assurance team since 2001. Additionally, he was responsible for starting the Client Development team, where he was in charge of over 30 large financial firm engagements throughout India and South East Asia.

Prior to joining S&P Capital IQ, he worked at GE Capital International Services. He is based in Gurgaon, India.

Ankit Malhotra

Ankit Malhotra

Ankit is the co-founder and COO of Alternative Path, a technology and business consulting start-up. His areas of expertise include setting up and running Testing Center of Excellence, providing optimal ROI for clients in their technology initiatives, IT strategy, and program management.

In his previous role, he served as the Senior Vice President and Quality Engineering Head at ThoughtFocus – Center of Excellence, where he managed global Quality Engineering activities for the largest asset management firm in the world. He was responsible for transforming their Quality Engineering practice, building high-performing teams and managing project deliveries. He also played a pivotal role in starting the Application Support, Business Design, and Data Visualization teams at the Center. He has successfully led and directed over 100 employees through many project deliveries.

Before joining ThoughtFocus in 2012, Ankit served as the Quality Assurance Manager in the Technology team at S&P Capital IQ. In this role, he managed multiple QA teams and administered several product releases. His team also delivered the first ever mobile application for Capital IQ.

Ankit is a certified Project Manager from the Project Management Institute and holds many certifications in the Quality Assurance field.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet is the co-founder and CIO of Alternative Path, a technology and business consulting startup. His areas of expertise include building and implementing automation tools and solutions, bringing efficiencies in teams using technology, process optimization, testing transformation, and program management.

In his previous role, he served as the Director of Quality Assurance and Head of the QA Automation practice at ThoughtFocus - Centre of Excellence for the largest alternative asset management firm in the world. He spearheaded the creation of a comprehensive suite of automation framework and tools which were implemented across the organization. His team was instrumental in building state of the art automated solutions for complex In-house applications as well as third party Implementations.

Before joining ThoughtFocus in 2012, Harpreet served as a Quality Assurance Manager in the Technology team at S&P Global (Formerly S&P Capital IQ). He managed multiple QA teams and delivered many successful products. He headed the test team for the migration of TheMarkets.com platform to Capital IQ, when it was acquired by Capital IQ in 2011.

Harpreet is a certified Project Manager from the Project Management Institute and holds many certifications in the Quality Assurance field. He likes to keep himself updated with current trends in the Software Testing arena and understands the pulse of the industry. He is an expert at New Generation Testing practices and tools.

Senior Advisor

Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy

Bill is a Managing Partner at Cresting Wave, where he enables Technology Leaders to stay ahead of the curve and the landscape of new innovations by connecting them to innovative young companies. With his background as a technology leader, strategic investor and entrepreneurial product leader he helps new innovative products enter the market.

Prior to joining Cresting Wave, Bill Murphy was a Senior Managing Director and the Chief Technology Officer at Blackstone, leading the Blackstone Innovations team from 2011-2020. He was responsible for the firm's use of technology along with a strategic technology investment portfolio, serving on numerous boards of directors of technology investments along with the board of the Blackstone Charitable foundation. From 1999-2011, Bill was founding Chief Technology Officer for Capital IQ where he was responsible for overseeing all product design, development, infrastructure and technology support and was involved with all operations of the business. Before Capital IQ, he led teams at Sapient after receiving a BSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

How We Work


No Silos culture - We get everyone together right from the beginning, this enables us to address issues early and allows us to create the best possible outcome. This also fosters the spirit of teamwork and keeps our focus on the goal.

Be Nimble

We are young and energetic like-minded group of people who are on a mission to provide the best experience to our clients. We are nimble and adapt very quickly to client's needs and the ever changing technology and business landscape.

Build Great Teams

For us, it is all about having the right set of people for the job. We build optimally sized teams and are uncompromising in our hiring, we hire people who are hands-on in their approach, passionate towards their work and are skilful in their field.


We consider our competition to be us and we are always on the path of self-improvement and setting the goal higher for ourselves. We are not stuck on one way of thinking, our model is Fail Early, Fail Often, Fail Forward.

Be Transparent

We are honest and transparent in all our dealings internal and external. Be a true team, commit to sharing information and building a culture of trust - work to provide, act on, and receive feedback.

Learn, Educate, Grow

We believe that learning can come from any and many a times unexpected quarters - by accepting this we are fostering a culture of learning and teaching, and are laying a strong foundation for confident teams that are invested and focused on innovating.

Our Values Board



Do the right thing even when no one is looking. Transparency and honesty in everything we do - own up to our mistakes, learn from them to constantly improve.

Our Clients

Know our Clients

Be Client focused - understand what our clients need and their business, be responsive in your communication, be proactive in generating solutions and deliver beyond their expectations.

and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Create an equal playing field for everyone, the best idea can come from anywhere. Respect for diversity in thought and inclusion at all levels of the organization leads to a culture of ownership. We come up stronger when we work together.


Be Empathetic

We strive to be deeply Human-centered with our clients and our people. We believe that solutions can't be developed in isolation - it is not enough that the technology or means exist and that its financially viable, it is essential for users to have a sense of desirability towards a solution. We can only fully understand and design a product or service when both our Client's and our people's needs, experiences, wants, and preferences converge.


Be Inquisitive

Question everything, curiosity leads to innovation and ultimately success. Innovation and growth rely on people who ask questions, challenge established assumptions and ways of thinking, and strive to always be learning, progressing, and moving forward. Asking Why and What are we solving for, are key questions that underlines every decision we take. We can't create a culture of creativity without curiosity.



We will persistently find better ways of doing the things we do. By fostering a culture of excellence, we can create long term, adaptable, scalable and resilient solutions.